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Greetings Everyone!
Short "thought" for this week - since I'm sure everyone is busy and will be itching to get out and enjoy the great spring weather (at least those of us in the more northern climates)! This thought is adapted from George MacDonald, the pastor C. S. Lewis regarded so highly.

"No man ever sank under the burden of the day. It is when tomorrow's burden, and the burden of future days and weeks ahead are added to the burden of today that the weight becomes more than one can bear. Never load yourself down in such a way. If you find that you are so loaded, at least remember this: It is your own doing and not God's. He begs you leave the future to Him, and carry only the burdens of the present day." (Mt. 6:34)

Remember: Because God is in control we can relax. I speak from experience when I say that the things I so often worry about have an uncanny way of rarely turning out as bad as I thought they might. In fact, they often work out better than if I had my hand in them trying to orchestrate every detail!
God is sovereign. That's what the Bible declares. He is in control and not just in charge (even when it appears things are out of control)! Therefore do what you can, and do what you must, and leave the results and the future to Him. Because He's in control, things won't fall apart if you're not. Throw off a little of the load you carry and entrust it to Him. He's more able to carry it than you could ever be.
Blessings, Jeff

Dr. Jeffrey F. Evans

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