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I Commend Cheerfulness

Greetings All,
As far as this weeks "thought," it comes from Charles Haddon Spurgeon (purported by many to be the greatest preacher who ever lived). It is found in his book "Lectures To My Students," and has to do with winning souls to Christ. Though written over a century ago, his words still ring true today. (This particular quote was sent to me a few months back by another friend, Peter, a British missionary invloved in church planting in Honduras.) Enjoy.

"When a man has a large, loving heart, men go to him as ships to a haven, and feel at peace when they have anchored under the lee of his friendship. Such a man is hearty in private as well as public; his blood is not cold and fishy, but he is as warm as your own fireside. No pride and selfishness chill you when you approach him; he has his doors all open to receive you, and you feel at home with him at once. Such men I would persuade you to be, every one...

I commend cheerfulness to all who would win souls. Not levity and frothiness, but a genial spirit. There are more flies caught with honey than with vinegar; and there will be more led to heaven by a man who wears heaven in his face than by one who bears Tartarus in his looks..."

(The term "lee" is the side of the ship that blocks or shelters one from the wind, and
the term "Tartarus" is the Greco-Roman term for the lower infernal regions, or hell.)

In the Bonds of Christian Affection, Pastor Jeff

Dr. Jeffrey F. Evans