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Why pray, if God knows

Greetings All, 
      This weeks "thought" has to do with prayer.  It answers (at least to some degree) the question I am always asked: "Why do we pray if God knows what we need before we even ask?"
      If you are a praying person, you will have found his statements to be true from experience, and you will also know its one of the reasons for prayerlessness -- we know prayer changes us and we don't always want to change!
      It is worth your contemplation.  It comes to you from Soren Kierkegaard, in his book Works of Love.  Enjoy.
"A hasty kind of reasoning may hold that praying is an unprofitable act, because a man's prayer does not really change the Unchangeable.  But even if this were in the process of time desired, might not changeable man come easily to regret he had changed God?  The true kind of reasoning is therefore the only desireable kind as well -- prayer does not change God, but changes him who prays."

In the Bonds of Christian Charity, Pastor Jeff
Dr. Jeffrey F. Evans