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Every Day With Jesus

Greetings All,

     This weeks thought comes to you from a devotional book I picked up which I've found surprisingly good. Its entries are short, sweet, and to the point. It's called "Every Day With Jesus," and has many contributors (17) but no one author.  Its published by "Worthy Publishing" out of Brentwood, Tennessee -- a group who stated goal is, "Helping People Experience the Heart of God."
     Each selection in the book starts with a quote from a well-known Christian and is based on a verse from the Bible. This particular selection I share with you because I felt the little one illustration contained in it was so helpful and visually descriptive that it merited being shared! I hope you benefit from it as well. Enjoy.

Jeremiah 29:11-14

"We have to see history as a book that is sealed
and opened by the Passion of Christ." 
Thomas Merton

     "The history of mankind is full of hatred, bigotry, wars, and bloodshed. Collectively, our conscience is stained. Knowing how dark and shameful our history is, it's difficult to think that anyone is in control of it -- much less a benevolent, all-powerful God.
     Yet Scripture tells us that the book of history is in the hand of God. He has a plan greater than what we can see from our limited perspective. We are like ants crawling around on an enormous mosaic, scoffing, "How on earth could a picture be made of this?" Yet God, who stands outside history, has an intended purpose.
     Despite all our flaws, we can take comfort in the fact that God has a great plan for us, one more intricate and beautiful than we can imagine. We are -- we have always been -- his passion."

     I thought the image of the ant walking on an enormous mosaic (and looking only at the color he is standing on) was brilliant.  For isn't that how we often view our own lives and circumstances, or the world situation on any given day?  In comparison to the whole, we are like ants walking across the giant mosaic of world history -- a huge multi-colored picture that can only be fully appreciated when all the different parts are seen in relation to the completed image. We can even get discouraged when we see such a small piece of the whole, because like all pictures they were never meant to be appreciated and understood by looking at one isolated part.
     Yet if we were able to see it from God's perspective -- if we were able to be lifted heavenward and see the enormous mosaic from a height where all the parts are seen in their relation to all the others -- we would experience on of those moments of awed enlightenment. In fact, seeing it from the heavenly, eternal and divine perspective, we would affirm the beauty added to the whole even by parts that looked somewhat dreary -- even ugly -- when they stood alone on their own.
     That's where faith comes in. Faith trusts God's promise that He knows, and is in control, working all things out in accordance with the purpose of His will in Christ even when we struggle to see how it could be so (Job 1-42, Rom. 8:17-27, II Cor. 4:7-18, Eph. 1:9-12, Heb. 11:31-12:13, Rev. 2:8-11).
     Yes, my friends, the picture God is painting through the events and circumstances of history is beautiful -- even if from our ant-sized perspective we cannot see (and will not see) the entire gloriously stunning picture until He sets it before our eyes in eternity.
     In the Bonds of the God's Constant Call to Trust Him,  Pastor Jeff