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Do Not Fear

Greetings All,
This weeks thought comes once again from Charles H. Spurgeon, and is found in the devotional book, "Beside Still Waters - Words of Comfort for the Soul." And once again I will repeat that this is my favorite devotional book and well worth the cost to pick up a copy.
     This selection has to do with fear.  Rather, it has to do with the remedy for fear. In a world filled with news that can sometimes make us shudder, and circumstances that can often spawn fear, Spurgeon's words offer some fear-quenching truth we should all consider. Enjoy.

Do Not Fear
Luke 12:32

     "Do you believe that anything is left to chance? Is there any event outside the circle of divine predestination? No, my friend, with God there are no contingencies. The mighty Charioteer of Providence has gathered the reigns of His horses, and He guides them according to His infallible wisdom.
     Foreknowledge and predestination are in everything, from the motion of a grain of dust to a flaming comet blazing across the sky. Nothing can happen unless God ordains it; nothing happens without divine power. The Lord said, 'Behold, I have created the blacksmith who blows the coals in the fire... and I have created the spoiler to destroy' (Isaiah 54:16 / Isaiah 45:5-7). The most violent people could not move a finger if strength were not lent them by the Lord.
     As for nature's catastrophes, the Lord is distinctly in them. 'He shakes the earth out of its place' (Job 9:5).  Our Father works all things! Why then should His children be afraid?
     Regardless of how tremendous events may be, we know that nothing can happen to shake the kingdom of God. Even the gates of Hell shall not prevail against that kingdom (Matthew 16:18).  Our chief possession lies there, and if that is secure then all is safe. Our highest, best, and most vital interests are beyond even the shadow of harm. Therefore, 'Do not fear.'
     Suppose an accident should take our lives? I smile as I think that the worst thing that could happen would be the best thing that could happen (Phil. 1:21-24). If we should die, we shall be with the Lord (I Thess. 4:17). So, if the worst that can befall is the best that can come, why should we fear? This is good reasoning -- if you are a believer, and if God is your refuge, there is no logical reason to fear."

     It is so true. To believe that our loving, just, and all-powerful God is in control of "everything," as Spurgeon puts it, "from the motion of a grain of dust, to a flaming comet blazing across the sky," puts the heart at ease. It not only subdues our fears, it enables the soul to be at rest even in difficult circumstances. For knowing that God is in control means things can't possibly be out of control even when they seem to be, and it means I no longer need to try and control the outcome of things! The one who believes God is in control no longer has to be controlling.
     The Bible assures us that God is not just, "in charge like the president" (as one person put it, which would not relieve anyone's fears!), He is in control. Nothing takes Him by surprise. Nothing catches Him off guard. There is nothing He does not know (He's omniscient) and nothing He cannot do (He's omnipotent) -- which means that if it happens, He has a reason for allowing, permitting, or ordaining it.
     It's a truth that does require us to trust that our God has a good/redemptive purpose in all things (even the worst), yet it should also work to remove our fears -- for if our Father ordains it (everything that happens to us must pass through the filter of His love for us) there is hope, divine purpose, and holy love expressed in everything that could ever come our way.
     My prayer is that you would live each day in the soul-liberating and fear-quenching effects of such truth, Pastor Jeff