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For Each Day A Prayer

Greetings All,

     This week's "thought" will surely qualify as the shortest one I've ever sent out! 
     It's a prayer by Blaise Pascal, the famous and brilliant French physicist and defender of the Christian faith. He is more well-known for his book, "Pensees" (meaning, "Thoughts") where with great wisdom, insight, reflection and logic he addresses and answers objections to the Christian faith. It has helped many a skeptic on their journey to faith in Jesus. This thought, however, is simply one little prayer he prayed.  A prayer packed with so much faith and profound spiritual insight (even though very short) that I thought it deserved to stand on its own.

     It is found in a book I received in the mail yesterday from Honduras, as a gift from my good friend Edith Peters. (Thank you Edith!)  The title is, "For Each Day A Prayer."  The author (the collector and arranger of the prayers found in it) is Elisabeth Hamill Davis.  It was published in 1905.
     She does not say where she found this prayer, but I offer it to you for your consideration -- requesting only that you might read it, and then honestly and earnestly ask yourself if you could sincerely pray it as your own, stating the truth he states, and requesting those things he asks for.  Enjoy.
     "The LORD gives, and the LORD takes away, blessed be the name of the LORD."
Job 1:21

"O Lord, let me not from this day forward desire health or life, 
       except to spend them for You, with You, and in You.

  You alone know what is good for me; 
       do, therefore, whatever seems best to You.
Give to me, or take from me. 
Conform my will to Yours.
Grant that with humble and perfect submission, 
and in holy confidence, I may receive the orders 
of Your eternal Providence; and may equally adore 
all that comes from You; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen."
In His Service, Pastor Jeff